Grand Lakes MUD 2 Homestead Exemption Policy for Residents

Mar 22, 2023

We are excited to remind everyone of the general homestead exemption for residents of the Grand Lakes Municipal Utility District 2. We believe this exemption will have a significant positive impact on our community as well as provide much-needed relief to those who need it most.

The homestead exemption is a legal provision that allows homeowners to receive a reduction in property taxes for their primary residence. Under the Grand Lakes Municipal Utility District 2’s current policy, eligible residents are able to receive an exemption on a portion of their property's assessed value, which will result in savings on their annual tax bills. The available exemptions fall under two following sections: “Homestead and Over 65/disabled”.

Please note that not all homeowners are eligible for homestead exemptions. To qualify, property owners must use their property as their primary residence and must have owned the property on or before January 1 of the tax year. Homeowners must submit an application to the Fort Bend Central Appraisal District to have their property designated as a "homestead" and/or to receive the "over 65/disabled" exemption.

We also want to emphasize that the adoption of the homestead exemption is just one of the many ways that Grand Lakes Municipal Utility District 2 is working to support our community. We remain committed to providing high-quality services and support to all residents, and we will continue to explore new policies and initiatives that can help us achieve this goal. We encourage all eligible residents to take advantage of this opportunity.

Your Board of directors is pleased to announce that we are granting the maximum Homestead exemption allowed of 20% of your appraised value. Additionally, we have granted exemptions of $75,000 to our "over 65/disabled" taxpayers.

The exemption may be filed with the Fort Bend Central Appraisal District (281-344-8623) or on their website at

Continuing to work for you to provide the greatest level of service at the lowest cost.

Grand Lakes MUD 2

Board of Directors